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Rewriting the Story of Mental Health and Well-Being.

La Maida Project was born of a vision to rewrite the story of mental health and well-being. As depression and mental illness continue to rise and are the leading cause of human suffering and disability worldwide, La Maida asserts that the root cause of this epidemic is not in the individual, or our genetic makeup, but instead in the progressive changes to how we are living in modern life. Since the industrial revolution, we have been subject to an erosion of connection to our own human nature. It’s a disconnect from our natural world; from our physical bodies and emotions; from familial support systems and communities in which we thrive; as well as from our sense of purpose and life values. Current reductionistic narratives of why we are sick have led to a meteoric rise in chronic psychoactive medication use in adults and children. These narratives have not only failed us, they have perpetuated a sense of helplessness that does not honor our tremendous capacity to heal as human beings.

La Maida reimagines how we make positive and lasting change happen through public education campaigns, community engagement initiatives, healthcare provider trainings, institutional transformation projects, and more. Stay tuned as we launch La Maida Project and join us in this worthwhile effort!

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