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Heart Freedom: 6 Steps To Get Unstuck


What if you could live your life freely from your heart? 

Stuckness sneaks into our creative lives, our relationship patterns, our thought patterns and our habits to de-rail us from spirituality and our higher purpose.

The good news is that our hearts and intuition have the power to transform our stuck parts into flow!

How do we free our hearts?

1. We learn how the heart-mind works.

We are much more than just a brain in our head! We have thoughts, feelings, and sensations through our bodies that form into clusters or “parts” of ourselves. How those parts negotiate for the driver’s seat of the mind is a complex system. We keep our nervous system regulated-even when it means going from one extreme to the next; swinging from super speedy at work to under the covers when we get home. Deep parts-work meditations combined with powerful movement and role-play practices can allow for these parts to be more integrated and less extreme.

2. Your spiritual posse has your back.

When we connect with our spiritual guides, mentors, spirit animals, imaginary or real idols, we can fill our hearts with the qualities we need to heal all stuck parts or wounding. Guided imagery and role-play can have a powerful role in connecting with our Inner-posse in our daily lives.

3. Habits take a backseat.

Habits show up in our relationships, parenting, with food and substances, Netflix, sex and care taking. Through mediation and the creative arts, higher self can coax habits into taking a back seat. Identifying the gifts and protection of our habits allows them to work less and relax more.

4. Getting to know the pain, wisdom and playfulness of our inner-kids

Our inner-children hold both our suffering and our greatest joys. Getting to know them and learning practices to attend to them quickly in our daily lives is the secret to unlocking greater freedom of our hearts.

5. Relationships on Heart

When we learn compassion for all parts of ourselves, we are then able to interact with others in our daily lives from a place of greater compassion. Role-playing different parts in meditative states can turn angry patterns in relationships into understanding and flow. You can turn disconnection into connection.

6. Restore the Heart Daily

Parts-meditations and creative arts practices can be used daily as an easy, quick way to feel greater creativity, peace and flow in every day life. Feel deeper connections to yourself, others and to spiritual purpose by connecting with your heart daily.

To learn practices that help foster this creativity, compassion, courage and freedom join the Heart Freedom Group starting this Tuesday evening, October 9th at 7PM. This group will cover all 6 steps every other week for 6 weeks.

Registration ends Monday so click here reserve your spot.

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