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A Personal Invitation to La Maida


Living in alignment with the inherent harmony of the universe is how we stay healthy

As an Integrative Psychiatrist informed by a field called Interpersonal Neurobiology, I am interested in balance and harmony as central components in the restoration of health and wellbeing. For years, I have worked alongside Anjali Deva, a practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine, whose passion for healing is also informed by the study of internal balance, harmony and rhythm. We have spent years co-creating a model of resonance between the sciences of Interpersonal Neurobiology and Ayurveda, and supported by complementary systems such as yoga, mindfulness, spiritual study and somatic healing. With the recent launch of the La Maida Institute, this model can now flourish in a larger community through classes, workshops, events and yoga.

The foundational theory in La Maida’s offering is that an inherent harmony to the universe is ever present, and that living in alignment with this harmony is how we stay healthy. Living in rhythm keeps us well. When a loss of rhythm occurs, chronic stress arises, causing so many of the diseases of modern life—depression, anxiety, addiction, isolation. Conventional medicine often neglects to address the root causes of our suffering that are manageable through proper self-care practices and lifestyle change.

At La Maida, we serve to aid in the discovery of the individual as the creator of personal health, and identify the root of our chronic ailments.

Modernity has made us far more safe and prosperous, but it has side effects that hinder our ability to live in our innate wholeness. The nervous system was designed to thrive on more activity, challenge, sleep, rest and play than common in modern life. Importantly, modernity brings isolation as we no longer need to depend on each other for survival. This is not our nature. We need one another, in community, to live in harmony.

My hope is that La Maida Institute and this newsletter, Rhythms of Nature, become catalysts for new, brave conversations to emerge. Together we can learn to listen again – tuning in to the emotional and physical signals that tell us what needs to change before we become ill. We can learn how to rely on our own common sense, and use the support of our communities to build healthier lifestyles; in alignment with our own unique nature. If we can accomplish this at La Maida, we can realize this vision as a culture, and create a preventive-based healthcare system that will lead us into the future with grace

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