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Cancer New Moon Musings


Thursday, July 12 brings a super moon + solar eclipse at 20 degrees of Cancer.

cancerPitta season’s excessive heat combined with the primal intensity of Mars retrograde concoct a spicy summer brew, compelling careful consideration toward the ways in which we approach the cycle at hand.

With Cancer’s complicated sensitivity feeling into every aspect beneath the surface, we are given a cue to beat the heat and move inward to explore the raw components that imbue the composition of our lives.

Crab medicine teaches us how to access the quiet wisdom of our central nature through the sanctity of solitude. As creators and guardians of our own inner sanctuary, we must learn to uphold our right to privacy without affirming habitual withdrawal as a permanent solution.

Love is empowered through our vulnerability and must not be forsaken in the name of homeland security.

In Native American culture, the mysterious sea spider is the lunar symbol of our emotional body, serving as a motherly instinct to protect, nourish and sustain life. The cooling, yin qualities of this watery moon sign invite us to embrace our ebbing nature as the birthplace of tenderness so we may dispel the barriers within our own hearts.

Preparations for New Moon in Cancer:

new moonHow can you work with Cancer’s 4th house of family and home to identify your personal needs in regards to your home environment? Are there shifts that can be made to improve your ability to experience sanctuary in your home, mind, heart, and general surroundings?

What shadow aspects of Cancer’s attributes do you relate with? Are there any situations you habitually disengage from? Take time to mindfully deconstruct your personal boundaries to better understand the cause and effect they have on your relationships.

Explore your inner sanctuary: Make time on the days leading up to the new moon to retreat into your personal shell in whatever way feels natural and nourishing to you right now. Write, read, listen to music, listen to your breath, paint, draw…whatever nourishes your soul!

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