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Community Gathering Space


We have designed a sacred community gathering space for retreat and healing to encourage self-care communities to form. In this space, we are empowered to learn from one another, to grow together rather than apart, and to promote greater resilience and preventive health. Though our current culture values individualism, the notion of communal health is familiar. Humans heal emotionally and spiritually in shared experiences that bring us together in interdependent communities.

As part of an effort to promote community transformation, La Maida offers its home as an open platform space to promote intentional gathering, shared wisdom, and integrative practices. We offer programs for the public as well as health professionals, relying on the greatest resource we have — each other. Our programs are an equal combination of internally-created and co-created experiences with individuals and organizations that share our values and mission in promoting self-reliance and health


If you’re looking for your next free-form space for a workshop or event that fits our mission, please fill out our workshop submission.

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