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Survive Summer in Los Angeles with a Cooling Rose Lassi Recipe

Summer is our toughest season here in Los Angeles.

It may seem counterintuitive if you are outside enjoying the sun, or come from a climate that is prone to winter storms – you may have a hard time imagining sunny days as harsh.
But it’s true, here in LA, in our desert climate, summer is our toughest season. Throughout the year, we have a minimal amount of rainfall and as summer comes to a head, we encounter drought-like conditions. That is why the flora and fauna of Southern California are known for their superior drought tolerant abilities. Anyone with a garden in this area knows the summer months are the toughest to keep vegetables growing. What we can learn from our neighborly plants is to adopt a slower paced life, so we can remain patient and weather the (desert) storm.

Self-care practices that support us in preserving moisture so we don’t burn out are essential at this time of year.

When using a preventative medicine system like Ayurveda, we learn that summer is a time to slow down, preserve energy, hydrate, and remain cool. Similar to a summer hibernation, we have to learn to move at the patient pace nature moves during these months.
Though our days are longer, our tendency should be to preserve this time for rest and creativity rather than work or overexerting ourselves.

To support the process of cooling and resting, here is a recipe for Rose Lassi – a cooling, refreshing summer afternoon drink that supports healthy digestion especially when our appetites may be low. Lassi is a traditional Indian chilled yogurt drink taken after food as a digestive. The probiotics in yogurt can be especially important at this Pitta (fire) predominant time of year.



1/2 cup organic yogurt (I like this brand)
1/3 cup water
2 teaspoons of rose water (I like this brand)
2 teaspoons of maple syrup


Add all ingredients into a cup, stir or shake until blended. If you would like to make it a frothy lassi, you can blend the ingredients in a blender. If you like, you can top with berries, bee pollen or cinnamon.


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