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An Exploration of the “Self” – Part 1: Introduction


Who are you?

That is the question Michael Singer so poignantly asks in his bestseller, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself. With surprising wit and simplicity, firmness yet kindness, Singer engages us in a dialogue about who we are.

Singer debunks who we think we are, and deftly shows us who we truly are: consciousness and awareness itself. He leads us through deep spiritual thought, digests it for us, and delivers to us a practical guide for living consciously.

This is the introduction to a multi-part series where we will explore concepts from Untethered Soul.

So join me as we study consciousness and enlightenment, relevant to the modern human being. I will meld ancient wisdom with modern thought that will support you in daily life. Singer will be our guide, and I will be your fellow sojourner on this journey toward a more authentic, enlightened, and true existence.

Looking forward to this journey with you!

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