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Gemini New Moon Musings


The approaching cycle welcomes a Super Moon in Gemini on June 13 at 12:43pm PST.

gemini collageLady Luna’s orbiting proximity warms our emotional waters and mingles sweetly with the discerningly dynamic star twins who lead us to Summer Solstice on 6/21.

Gemini’s compelling character brings worthy inspiration to the coming phase, cultivating fertile space for every curious intricacy of the growing process to belong. Habitual assertion transforms into extraordinary aspiration every time we open to the cosmic frequencies that transmit consciousness into truthful communication. The path of increasing light supports this glowing awareness rather brilliantly!

The download of Gemini’s superior intelligence contains the essence of duality, empowering our quest for knowledge with effective, adaptable skill.

Every time we exercise our right to think, process, and express our convictions, we strengthen mental clarity and embody illuminated insight for all our relations.

Let us invite the shape-shifting abilities of this mutable air sign to transmute reactionary assertions into peaceful solutions and widen perspective around circumstances that previously constricted our view. Next week’s new moon gathering will invoke the flow of insight through radiant rhythm, song + sound.

Preparations for Gemini New Moon:

gemini artHow can you work with Gemini’s 3rd House of Communication to skillfully guide your direction on the path of increasing light? In what way can you use the power of intelligent language to work through challenges in your personal and professional relationships?

Define a recurring obstacle in your life. Describe the ways in which you are confronting this matter. Determine what habitual attitudes can be shifted into new perspectives to create greater understanding.

Practice 10 minutes of free writing every day leading up to the new moon to inspire your ability to think, process, and communicate.

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