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Integrative Health Alliance

A complete model of Integrative Health

An essential component of La Maida’s mission is to promote the core principles of Integrative Health beyond the walls of our institution. The mental health field has been particularly limited by a deficit in cohesiveness and a mixed array of methodologies used for psychotherapy, psychopharmacology and diagnostics. This has lead to reductive practices and low levels of coordination between and among practitioners, practice areas and institutions.

A coordinated, collaborative effort to align with a complete model of Integrative Health is needed to address broader system change. La Maida Institute serves as an active hub for mental health professionals of all backgrounds to receive education and share knowledge about integrative approaches to care. To expand upon this, and support greater consciousness and health at the individual, familial and societal levels, La Maida is working with like-minded practitioners as well as academic, private and public institutions to define and support common values and create change in mental health and healthcare more broad.


Values of Integrative Health

1. Wholeness

  • Includes all factors that influence health, wellness and disease are taken into consideration
  • Addresses the whole person, including body, mind and spirit, and within the context of community
  • Respects the essential biological need for belonging and community. In this respect, mental health professionals honor the value of repairing relationships in family, and the role of heritage in assessments

2. Non-Reductionism

  • All appropriate healing sciences utilized to facilitate the body’s innate healing response; when necessary, collaboration is sought with the appropriate providers
  • Because good medicine is based in good science, integrative medicine is inquiry-driven and open to new models of care
  • Individualized care best address the patient’s unique conditions, needs and circumstances
  • Non-reductive formulations and treatment approach

3. Empowerment of the Individual, Family and Community

  • Patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process
  • Primacy given to individual empowerment through education and skills development
  • Alongside treatment, the broader concepts of health promotion and prevention of illness are paramount
  • Beyond acute stabilization of symptoms, the primary goal of mental health treatment is identification of root causes
  • Healing trauma through experiential psychotherapies supports the restoration of innate defensive systems and naturally, complete recovery

4. Commitment to Complete Recovery from Depression, Anxiety and Trauma

  • Effective natural and minimally invasive interventions used whenever possible
  • Mind-body interventions support patients in achieving complete recovery through self regulation practices
  • Promotion of the healing properties of community and time in nature
  • Treatment plans address lifestyle factors, including diet, movement, sleep and play

5. Integrity of the Practitioner

  • Practitioners exemplify the principles of Integrative Health and commit themselves to their own self-exploration and self-care

6. The Role of Belief and Spirituality

  • Appreciation for spiritual dimensions of life as an essential component of health and recovery
  • Search for meaning and purpose are foundational aspects of the human experience and the capacity to change and heal
  • Recognition that stories of mental illness shape how people respond to their difficulties – transformative methods of narrative empower change

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