Our Story

La Maida is the brain-child of Dr. Omid Naim. Raised in a deeply interdependent community of his own, Dr. Naim perceived how the lack of such community creates mental, emotional, and spiritual hardship. Having developed an Integrative Psychiatry practice that was successful in helping people recover from mental illness, Dr. Naim envisioned a new paradigm for health centered around community.

La Maida Institute derives its name from the street where it is located. Housed in a beautiful home built by the La Maida family in the early 20th century, the institute’s grounds were once an abundant walnut farm. La Maida is named after this founding family not only to honor the home and its original inhabitants, but to honor the idea of family, heritage, and community itself. What we hope to inspire and practice is the regeneration of these values, to re-imagine an approach to consciousness and health that empowers resilience through our most natural resource – one another.

From the beginning of time, throughout all cultures, humans have developed healing practices that invited all members to participate, find a sense of belonging and purpose through life’s hardships, and awaken the spirit to face adversity with courage and grace. Whether it was the sweat lodge or bar mitzvah, healing and growth were accomplished within community, through stories of resilience, and by championing the power of consciousness. La Maida Institute hopes to teach and transmit the value of these practices again, showcasing the best of what is emerging in the science of integrative healing, for our community, culture and world at large.