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The Alchemy of Intention


by Elizabeth Philipose, Ph.D

We don’t always go into the world with the awareness that we can influence how the day goes. Our experience tends to be one of being pushed along by outside forces. We might think that’s just the way it is, people are difficult and life is hard, there’s not much I can do about it. We might feel that way about the country or the world, about politics and the system we’re in. We might feel helpless about relationships that feel hard or unresolved or troubling.

Just because these are common experiences doesn’t mean that it has to be this way. We forget how much power we have over our experience. Not that we can control other people or the outcomes of world events, but we do have dominion over a lot more than we think, especially when we take up the practice of intention-setting.

Intention brings energy to a focal point, and we are 100% energy condensed into form. Intention aligns emotions with mind and body around a specific outcome or desire. Different from goals, intentions often speak to the quality and characteristics of an experience. My goal, for instance, might be to deliver an informative presentation. My intention, however, is to be in the joy of creating and sharing. In this sense, intention sets the stage for the experience by establishing a vibration in consciousness, in this case, the vibration of joy.

Peace is a powerful vibration and a dynamic energy to set into motion for our individual and collective lives, one that cuts through conflict just by the desire to live in peace. As long as we are willing to lay down our fights and open ourselves up to repair, as long as our genuine desire is to anchor peace in our lives, our conflicts become far less charged and far more manageable. Instead of being run by fear, we can consciously choose to abide by peace. In doing so, we focus our awareness and harness the alignment of body, mind, and spirit with the universal quality of Peace.

This is mystical work that takes us deep within ourselves. Join us for an intentional morning of meditation and contemplation that sets us free from conflictual energy. Immerse yourself in the  vibration of Peace, for yourself, for everyone who comes into your field of awareness, for all of your relations. Let’s move into this holiday season (and midterms!) on a tremendous wave of Peace.


Dive deeper into intention… 

Sunrise Relationship Reset Morning Retreat

November 4, 6am-9am, light breakfast, $35/45


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