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The Mind Divides, The Soul Unites


by Elizabeth Philipose, Ph.D.

We keep trying to figure things out. We think it through and mull on it. We talk about it to our friends and ask them to think with us. We keep trying to solve problems at the level of the mind and when ours is flummoxed, we ask other minds to think with us.

But the problems we want to solve are of the mind, mental projections about the world and what we think is going on. Race is a mental construct around which has developed emotional structures and belief systems about what we think is true. Gender is a mental construct, a set of thoughts and assumptions about the world that shapes our emotions, beliefs, and how we inhabit these bodies. The mind creates separation and the mind keeps trying to solve separation. But the mind can’t solve it.

That’s because the mind separates and divides. Friend. Foe. Us. Them.

By design, however, we are equipped with self-reflective consciousness. Self-reflective consciousness lets us take a step back from our thoughts. We can watch ourselves thinking. We can watch our thoughts float by. We are able to dis-identify from the mind and settle into our observer selves, the part of us that watches without getting caught up in the mind.

To solve the problems that the mind creates, drop into more soulful ways of knowing. Shift into our hearts and soften around the folly of the mind. Let go of the need to figure things out. Allow our entire field of awareness to open up to answers and solutions. Instead of talking it out or asking for advice, sit in stillness with intention and allow the insights to arise.

The mind divides, the soul unites. The mind fragments, the heart embraces. As we drop in to our authenticity, the essence of who we really are, all we know is unity and love. At the center of us, that’s what we are.

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