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An Exploration of the “Self” – Part 2: The Voice Inside


There is a mental dialogue inside your head that never stops.

If you’ve ever sat down to meditate, you know this voice never shuts up for long. If you take a meditation class at La Maida, you’ll find out that much of what this voice says is meaningless and a waste of time and energy. (In the next installment of Spotlight we’ll examine how this voice can be harmful.)

There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind—you are the one who hears it. –Michael Singer

No matter what the voice is saying, it’s still just a voice talking inside our head. Nice things, vicious things, smart things, enlightening things: It’s all the same. You’ve lived with this voice for so long that YOU and IT have become one and the same.

But here’s the part that really matters: YOU are not this voice.

You are not these thoughts, no matter how compelling they are, no matter how truthful they seem. Why is this important? At the most benign level, this voice prevents you from living in the present moment.

Only when there is enough distance from the voice can you respond wisely to it. Formal practices like breathwork, meditation, and yoga invite you to slow down, focus your attention, and come to know the nature and nuances of this very voice inside your head.

Stay tuned next month for more exploration!

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