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Using the Present Moment to Reach Emotional Freedom


By Kevin Kunkel, MA, LMFT, CMT

When we are worried, fearful or in pain, the fight or flight response in our nervous system gets activated.  Our healing and repair mode gets deactivated.  If the worry, fear, or stressor continues for days or even years, then we stay stuck in survival mode and far away from our optimal capacity for healing and re-balancing our body and mind.

To find our way back to balance, we often don’t need some intense interventions, but rather, regular and consistent practices that deactivate the survival mode in our system and allow us to return to our optimal healing capacities.

One practice that can calm our brain down, release the charge around stressful experiences, and support optimal balance and repair in our mind and body, is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping.   When our brain and body calm down around certain thoughts, feelings, or pain, we can think and act clearer and engage our own healing potential.

EFT Tapping is a popular body mind technique that helps  people find relief from all types of physical, mental, and emotional pain and disease. Put simply, EFT Tapping is a combination of non-needle acupuncture (acupressure) and quick talk therapy.  One taps with one’s fingers on specific points on the body which calm the brain and nervous system.  Simultaneously, the challenging emotion,  pain, or event is spoken about in a short, concise way.  This is done to bring up the emotional content in the present moment within the brain and nervous system.  Done together, the tapping and the present moment discussing and feeling, the associated thoughts, feelings, and charge in the nervous system will often significantly change in a way that supports a healthier, more balanced way of thinking, feeling, and responding to the issue.

The use of EFT Tapping for a wide range of benefits is widely disseminated online if you search for EFT Tapping.   It’s a tool that I personally use and have professionally been fascinated by seeing the difference it makes for my clients in areas they otherwise felt stuck and helpless about.  Some of the most common uses for EFT Tapping are:  clearing fear, worry, and anxieties of all types; physical pain relief; self-confidence and self-sabotage; grief and loss; depressive thoughts; sleep issues; addictions; and many others.  You-tube has many video examples of all of these issues that you can follow along with and find one that best fits your issue and circumstances.

If you want a more in-depth personal experience of EFT Tapping, I will be offering an Intro to Tapping on Sunday November 4th, 11-130, here at La Maida Institute.   I’d love to hear about your experiences if you try it out –

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