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Yoga & Meditation


Daily (or near daily) yoga and meditation practice can be characterized by a willingness and effort to honor our innate wholeness and resilience; breaking through the disconnect that our day-to-day lives can bring.

As we integrate our bodies and minds with tools such as conscious breath, aligned movement, and meditation, we meet our authentic self, attuning and adjusting to the awareness of who we fully are. When we broaden our capacity to stay connected, we take this consciousness into all dimensions of our lives.


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More Than 40 Classes A Week, Thoughtful Programming, Highly-Skilled Instructors, Beautiful Environment, Multiple Rooms, Attentive Studio Staff, Close-Knit Community

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Michele Amundsen

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Lila Bassior

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Gonzalo Basteiro

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Betty Laino Corral

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Anjali Deva

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Julie Fernandez

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Carmen Guerrero

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Sharon Kay

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La Mer

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Maygen Nicholson

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Anna Owsian

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Liz Philipose, PhD.

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Niki Saccareccia

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Fatimata Sanogo

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Nina Snow

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Hatha 1-2

Traditional alignment & postures

Kundalini Yoga

A life changing experience.

Morning Yoga

Playful flow; mindful alignment


La Maida Meditation

Signature guided contemplation

Open Meditation

Expand your awareness


Refuge Recovery

Mindfulness-based recovery group

Yoga for LGBTQ

Discussion & yoga practice

Community Yoga

Cultivate meaningful relationships


Breath & Back Care

Yoga for spinal care

Gentle Yoga

Slow gentle movement

Restorative Yoga

Prop-supported passive postures

Yoga Stretch

Activate muscle release

Yin Yoga

Deep, long holds

Lindy Bostrom

Lindy Bostrom, RYT 500, YTRX-500, IAYT, has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years and teaching for more than 20. She transitioned into yoga following a career in modern dance. Her classes encourage the flow of body, breath and mind in a continuous, challenging stream of conscious practice. Attention to correct alignment and injury prevention is a priority.


Omid Naim, MD, Founder & Director

As the founder of La Maida Institute, I am proud to share our vision of a “communal model for preventive health.” On a day-to-day basis, I move between seeing patients in our clinic, Hope Integrative Psychiatry, and serving as the creative director of La Maida, supporting its growth and development through collaboration and teamwork. Conceptually, I created La Maida based on my belief that community is the key element missing in our society. Community is the link to cultivating and maintaining health, and without it, we experience illness and isolation.

I’m a Los Angeles native, an alumnus of UCLA for undergraduate studies and USC for medical school, and I am deeply attached to the innovative spirit of our great city. Upon completing training in general adult psychiatry and a fellowship in child & adolescent psychiatry at UCSF, I worked for several years with the most “high risk youth” at Edgewood Center for Children & Families in the Bay Area, where I helped design programs that fostered skills to empower youth and families in healing trauma without over-reliance on medication. This work illuminated a shift in narrative from loss and trauma, to dignity and self-reliance; it showed me how the foundational nature of the human spirit and the transformative power of community are essential to the healing process.

I integrated these philosophies into clinical care when I founded Hope Integrative Psychiatry, a multimodal group practice, in 2010. Further education as a fellow and Bravewell scholar at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine under the leadership of Dr. Andrew Weil lead to a deep commitment – to design and create a preventive, communal model for health. La Maida is this model, where inner resilience blossoms through consciousness and community. I welcome you to join us.

Alexa Altman, PhD.

Dr. Altman’s approach is holistic, utilizing the mind and body to understand and transform suffering into transformation. Symptoms are understood not as pathology, but as a body/mind response to difficult, life threatening or overwhelming situations. Dr. Altman has extensive knowledge in the physiology and neurobiology of trauma, threat, and resilience. Your personal narrative is changed by deeply understanding and confronting how we experienced life’s biggest challenges. The powerful impact of this work is a deep sense of resilience and confidence to face oneself, relationships and life to the fullest.

Michele Amundsen

Michele found yoga later in life, which makes her passionate about accessibility. She teaches Yin, Restorative and Gentle classes, suitable for every age, body type and level of experience. Michele incorporates meditation and pranayama into her classes in order to feed and feel into body, mind and spirit. She has a special interest in how yoga can aid in grief support, addiction recovery and acceptance of the aging process. She holds the deep when you come to the mat, you find a safe, expansive place to just be. Michele strives to hold that space for her classes and clients.

Laurie Cousins

Laurie Cousins has a B.A. in Psychology, is a certified mindfulness facilitator through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center and certified in Mindful Self-Compassion and Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention through UCSD’s Center for Mindfulness. She trained with the Trauma Resource Institute and is a research associate and co-creator of the Mindful Parent Support study program at UCLA’s Child & Adolescent Mood Disorders Program. Laurie has over 30 years of recovery, 25 years helping people with addiction and compulsive. Laurie is passionate about helping people heal through self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-discovery and creates a space that is safe, non-judgmental, connecting, and supportive.

Anjali Deva

Anjali Deva is a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Teacher who lives in Los Angeles. She is the Ayurvedic Practitioner at Hope Integrative Psychiatry, an integrative mental health clinic in Los Angeles. Her passion began in the kitchen and has grown to include helping people find their inner wisdom, clarity and health through Ayurvedic practices. Her dream is to create a greater consciousness and community in all practices of wellness

Trisha Decesare

Trisha DeCesare, RYT-500. Trisha grew up as an athlete and when she started sitting behind a computer and car several hours a day for work, her body and mind needed an outlet. She discovered yoga and was so moved by the profound changes it brought to all aspects of her life, she wanted to share it with others. Trisha received her 200 hour certification with YogaWorks in 2008 and completed her 300 hour program in 2011. Her classes focus on strength, grace, and detoxifying the body while synchronizing mind with movement, breath, and energy.

Julie Fernandez

Julie Fernandez is a yoga teacher and breath-work coach specializing in healing trauma. Yoga and breath-work are just some of the tools she uses to relieve and resolve the symptoms of trauma in the body and to regulate the nervous system. Julie’s compassionate approach centers on recognizing the strength within ourselves and shedding the judgements, guilt and shame that arise from unresolved traumas. Some of the conditions she works with include Complex, Developmental and Shock Traumas, Anxiety, Depression, Dissociative Disorders, as well as Eating Disorders.

Shari Goodhartz

Shari Goodhartz (ERYT-500) has been meditating since 1970 and practicing yoga since 1997. She’s been teaching both since 2000. Shari emphasizes healthy alignment, empowering her students to experience their bodies intrinsic wisdom and healing abilities. Shari’s classes unfold in a non-competitive, joyful environment; celebrating the beauty and competence of all students.

Carmen Guerrero

Carmen Guerrero began her journey into Yoga in 2006. She completed her first teacher training in July 2010. A year later she completed her 300 Hour training under her mentor, YogaWorks Senior Teacher, Jasmine Lieb. To deepen her teaching skills, she completed her second apprenticeship with Senior Teacher Jeanne Heileman in 2012. This path has provided Carmen with a deep understanding of movement, which allows her to safely guide students into exploring their physical, mental and emotional challenges using the yoga practice as a tool to create space for healing and growth.

Erin Hoien

Erin dabbled in yoga off and for many years before becoming a consistent practitioner in 2008. After finding relief both physically and emotionally, Erin wanted to share yoga with others. In 2013, she completed her RYT 200 and immediately began teaching. Her curiosity fell to the anatomical side of yoga, which led her to Yoga Tune Up®. Therapy Balls changed her life and left her practically free from pain. Erin became an Integrated YTU® Teacher in 2016. She mixes her love of rolling out and movement to help students find relief from physical discomfort and spaciousness in their bodies.

Sharon Kay

Sharon discovered yoga through a deep desire for personal transformation and to address health issues through better self-care. It was through yoga that she met with the breath. Having personally experienced the healing energies of the practice, and knowing the importance of connection to spirit for balance and self-healing, she focuses on the breath as an avenue towards union within. Sharon received certification through the White Lotus Foundation with further studies in Therapeutic Yoga and energy healing. Specializing in gentle and restorative yoga, each class is led with an emphasis on ease of movement and relaxation.

Kevin Kunkel

After delving deep into meditation, Kevin looked to yoga hoping for a more embodied mindfulness practice. In 1999, he began a 6 week on-site intensive study of Sivananda yoga, a classical meditative practice. He later took a teacher training from Moksha Yoga in Chicago in 2001 and began teaching a blend of a meditative style and vinyasa based movement. His classes are a blend of mindful Hatha and vinyasa flow, guided by current neuroscience and somatic psychology principles for doing deep transformational inner work. He uses the group energy to create a strong practice with presence and compassion.

Betty Laino Corral

Betty (C-IAYT,YTRx-800C, ERYT-200, RYT-500) became a serious, passionate and dedicated practitioner 10 years ago. After surgery she was looking for a way to heal and realized yoga was exactly what she needed. With regular practice she noticed positive physical, emotional, and spiritual changes. She completed the 4 levels of the Yoga Therapy Rx program at LMU in LA and became a certified yoga therapist. She completed 3 levels of Reiki training at Kripalu and worked with an energy MD for over 8 years studying Theta Beta Healing. Yoga is a way of life for her and something she believes in passionately as a mode of healing and transformation.

Cameron Cash

Cameron Cash is a 200-hr RYT (currently pursuing 500-hr) with 13 years of experience practicing yoga. He approaches yoga through the philosophy of wabi-sabi, a Japanese term that refers to finding beauty in imperfection. “By embracing our imperfections in life and in our practice, we are able to unlock a deeper sense of self-love.” Cameron also believes that it’s vital we continue to find or invent modern ways to incorporate ancient healing modalities into daily life. His passion is to share the spirit of how yoga, intentional dance, and movement medicine can transform the body, mind, and heart.

La Mer

La Mer is a healer, songstress and storyteller from Los Angeles. Her work centers around powerful rituals of union with soulful nature. A certified Prana Vinyasa teacher and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant with over 10 years of experience in the healing and performing arts, Mer honors the ancient wisdom of eastern philosophies while allowing her sensitive and playful essence to guide the experience. Mer’s style lyrically integrates an intuitive blend of movement, hands on healing, reiki, sound therapy, essential oils, crystals, yoga, and other meditative practices.

Kallie Miller

A yoga devotee since 2006, Kallie is a forever student. With a background in theatre, Kallie was introduced to yoga as a tool to return to neutral. She is a 500-Hr YTRx (Yoga Therapy) graduate from LMU and trained in Yoga Therapy for Cancer and Chronic Illness. She is passionate about teaching yoga that is accessible for every BODY and teaches a variety of styles. Kallie seeks to give her students an experience to listen intentionally to the nuances of their own body and inner life so they can continue to use their own keen intuition to nurture their body, mind, and heart-space.

Maygen Nicholson

Maygen Nicholson is a Yoga Alliance Certified 200-Hour Yoga Teacher and passionate dancer. She’s been practicing Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini since 2010. Maygen was certified in Yoga and Reiki from the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico, under training led by Allison Eaton. Her passion for teaching dance has innately carried over into yoga, and she brings her love for teaching to every student she has the honor of guiding. Maygen’s vast and ever-growing knowledge of yoga is apparent in her teaching, as well as her love for the practice itself.

Liz Philipose

Liz Philipose, PhD, is a Spiritual Counselor and Professor of Women’s and International Studies. She teaches for transformation, to lift the collective consciousness and to heal persistent divisions between men, women, races, nations, and earth. The first time she learned about spiritual principle, she knew it held the answer to every worldly concern we have. She has a PhD in International Politics, a license in Spiritual Counseling, fifteen years of university teaching, and UN human rights advocacy before that. Liz is a compelling teacher who is motivated by a sincere desire to serve the freedom and liberation of all.

Annette Romano

Annette began studying yoga with Baron Baptiste in 1989. After a car accident as a pedestrian, yoga became her saving grace and primary healing modality. Teaching in her hometown of Seattle from 1993-2012, she received her RYT-500 hr. certification in 2000 from Samadhi Yoga, under Kathleen Hunt. Other influential teachers include Eiric Ovrid, Andrey Lappa, Erich Schiffmann, and Sharon Gannon & David Life of Jivamukti. Annette weaves mantra, mudra, pranayama, and philosophy into her classes to offer students a variety of threads to make the practice their own. She believes that consistent yoga supports us to live into our full potential in ways that are challenging, transformative, and fun!

Nina Snow

Nina Snow has been teaching yoga in Los Angeles for 11 years. Over the years, her students have ranged from kindergarteners to the wisest golden-agers in town. Nina completed her teacher training at Karuna Yoga in both Kundalini and Hatha yoga in 2005. In both her personal practice and teaching, she places emphasis on the body-mind connection. Her teaching style is soft and sweet; gentle, compassionate and encouraging. She offers her teaching to anyone and everyone who wants to receive the benefits of yoga, without judgement, condition or hesitation.

Joey Huynh

Joey Huynh, MPT, offers a deep and diverse background in healing and martial arts. He is board certified to teach multiple forms by the Tai Chi for Health Institute. In his practice as a physical therapist he treats orthopedic impairments and implemented a tai chi for fall prevention program. Joey taught martial arts for four years and yoga for ten including vinyasa and Shadow Yoga. He had the honor of illustrating Mr Remete’s book and continues to draw and paint. Joey looks forward to guiding you through a gentle, graceful, and playful form of mindful awareness.

Gonzalo Basteiro

Gonzalo Gabriel Martin Basteiro- Taran Prem Singh is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher from Yoga West in Los Angeles. He was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Los Angeles in 2007. He has practiced yoga since 2010 and his warm style of teaching creates a welcoming atmosphere for all his students. He loves to share his knowledge and techniques with others to help people to be happy, healthy and holy. “Keep up and you will be kept up.”-Yogi Bhajan

Lila Bassior

Lila is a proud graduate of the 200hr and 300hr Yogaworks Teacher Training program, and is thrilled to share her knowledge and love of yoga, pranayama, meditation, ayurveda and sound healing with students of all ages and all experience levels. Insatiably curious, she enjoys being the student as well as the teacher, and continues to bring new ideas, philosophies and healing modalities into her classes with enthusiasm and excitement. Lila is delighted to share her passion with all those who desire to tread the glorious path of yoga, and is honored to be a part of each student’s yogic journey.

Anna Owsian

Anna Owsian is a Holistic Yoga Alliance teacher. She had an opportunity to expand her knowledge and yoga practice under the eye of world renowned mentors like Travis Elliot and Lauren Eckstrom. Under their guidance, she obtained her Yoga Alliance certificate

An extensive part of Anna’s mission is to spread passion for yoga and to create a non-judgmental, safe, loving and empowering space, which paves the way to long-term self- realization, relaxation, happiness and good health.
Anna invites you to experience a combination of movements and meditation based on elements derived from the following approaches:

  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga

Fatimata Sanogo

Fatimata Sanogo teaches a combination of power yoga, pranayama (breath work) and mindfulness. She guides you in your practice to find your inner teacher, using your body as an instrument and your breath as a tool to move through the asanas and develop flexibility, strength, balance of your body and mind. The balance of your mind is what is also called equanimity. This is an aspect of yoga practice that positively affects your everyday life! Fatimata speaks three languages and is the author of 31 Universal Spiritual Principles: A daily guide and tool for spiritual growth, joy and empowerment.

Niki Saccareccia

Niki Saccareccia is a Los Angeles based yoga teacher who travels regularly to teach. She holds the top credential in her field since 2014 and has been teaching since 2010. She has practiced as a Clinical Behavior Therapist and counselor for special needs people since 2007. Niki has a great scope of insight for creating lasting, personal transformation through an uncommon blend of Western Psychology, Cognitive and Behavioral Science and Yoga. Breath awareness and breathing techniques are the touchstone of everything she teaches. Her approach focuses on fundamental alignment to promote proper form, balance and stability for the body. She includes elements of Yogic philosophy, history and mindfulness teachings. Niki has a down-to-earth approach. Her intelligence and compassion will support you on your path of practice, teaching, and self-inquiry.

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